Zach Update # 9 – One week check

One week check

Yesterday we had the one week post-op check with the Doctor.  Everything around Zack’s eye looks really good.  The doctor was very pleased with his progress. Yea Zach!

At the surgery, Zach’s eye was replaced with an orbital implant–an acrylic sphere to which the eye muscles are reattached.  This implant is permanent and will be the spot upon which the prosthesis will be fitted in about 6 more weeks.  In the meantime he has a clear spacer to hold the place for the prosthesis.  In the photo below you can see a sketch of an orbital implant, with muscles attached.  The prosthesis (on the left) goes into the space that fits under the eye lids.

It was just two weeks ago today, that we first visited the ophthalmology clinic and heard the report of Zach’s cancer.  So much has happened in 14 days!  Thanks for your prayers, support, help, meals, cards, and more.

Two cheers!

Furthermore, the bone marrow sample revealed no concern about retinoblastoma in other parts of his body.  So now we’ve gotten negative reports (no cancer) from both the spinal fluid and the bone marrow samples.  Praise the Lord for that good news so far!

The third cheer will be raised when we hear good news from the pathology report of the eye which was removed.  That eye had 80% of the vitreous fluid (the fluid in the eye) displaced with the malignant tumor.  Typically, and very graciously, the cancer is usually  fully contained with they eye itself when caught early.  The pathology report will reveal exactly where the tumor was located and how close to the perimeter of the eye it had moved.  We are also praying and hoping that the tumor had not traveled down the optical nerve.

While this is in the back of our minds as serious threat, I am very at peace day to day and know that fretting will not help.  When the thought comes about that which we do not and cannot know at this point, I lift a prayer to God and leave it with him.

“Lord, may our dear son Zach be totally cancer free.  Would it not please you to see that this cancer has been completely removed?  Have mercy upon my son for your glory.  Thank you that at the cross you withheld your mercy upon your one and only Son, so that all that comes to us as your adopted children is only mercy all the time.  In all this we totally trust you knowing that you will either extend your grace to heal or you will amplify your grace to sustain us.  Amen.”

Grace and peace,




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8 responses to “Zach Update # 9 – One week check

  1. Pablo & Lucy Guerra

    Glory be to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit. Our God is greater than any trouble that we may face. Let us continue praying for Zach. We are sure that many christians are bringing to the Throne of Grace the name of your son. The result is in the powerful hands of our merciful God. We are also praying for your whole family, that your faith be rewarded with power to continue victoriously facing this trial. With our love, Pablo & Lucy.

  2. Tim, I did not know about Zach. Please be assured of my prayers for him and you!

    We should grab coffee sometime too!

    Phil <

  3. Angie Kandow

    Love and prayers to you. What a great testimony of the grace of God that you are experiencing. I love your prayer and will pray along with you.
    We love you,

  4. Marisa Fenzel

    Wow, Praise the Lord is right!! I have been keeping you and your family in my prayers and often wonder how he is doing. I will pray that his health continues to improve each day 🙂

  5. I am glad that your son is doing well. What a relief these test results must be! We are also at The University of Michigan for our son’s eyes (infant cataract) and are ever so thankful for their strong work, your son is in good hands. You and your wife seem to have a great attitude about this ordeal you are going through, and I am sure that you are an inspiration to many. I will keep your son in my prayers.

  6. Deanna Wenzel

    So very thankful to God for His love and mercy. Thank you for the updates too, Tim. Will continue to praise God and pray for you and yours! God’s Best always, with hugs, Deanna

  7. Rachel Sablatzky

    *Praying for a FULL Miracleous recovery/healing for Zach! 🙂 & praying for comfort & strength for the family! :)*