Zach Reflection – God’s Providence

God’s Providence

In addition to giving updates, some of our blog entries have also become reflections.  We’ve shared some personal things that have happened and it’s been helpful for us to reflect on events over the past week or so.  In some of the continuing posts I’ll label them reflections (versus updates).  This is a reflection about God’s providence in our situation while all these events with Zach transpired.

“Providence is God’s holy, wise, and powerful preserving and governing every creature and every action.”

Do you ever doubt that God is in control?  Have you ever seen circumstance line up in an uncanny way?  Nothing happens by sheer coincidence.  God is always at work in everything.  Likewise, nothing happens by chance or is outside of God’s control–not even Zach’s retinoblastoma.  God uses all things for his purpose, even blindness.

The Sunday before Zach surgery, a nationally known Pastor in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, Pastor John Piper preached a message on the story of the Man Born Blind.  If you recall the verse that I quoted on the Friday before the surgery, it was John 9:1-4, the very text Pastor John chose to speak of from the pulpit.  Sheer coincidence?  Divine providence!

I have found his message to be a great encouragement on a number of angles.  Of course, the common issue is blindness from birth, but it also applies to God’s purposes, His sovereignty, and His redemption.  Also, Pastor John makes some great points about loving people who have children with special needs.  This is a sermon about providence, but it is also to us an example of providence at work.

By clicking on the link below, you can read the excerpt and/or watch the sermon online.  It can also be downloaded if you prefer to listen later.  It’s about 40 minutes.


Tomorrow we go to Ann Arbor for a one week check up as a post-surgery check up with the ophthalmologist.  I don’t know if we’ll get any new information or pathology report.  We’re waiting for that important report which is supposed to be given within two weeks from the surgery.

God bless you all.  Thanks for your prayers, your comments, and your love.




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2 responses to “Zach Reflection – God’s Providence

  1. Theodore Crossman

    Dear Tim and Sarah, We do appreciate your time to inform us of the way God has been helping and encouraging you . You are a blessing to us. Now I’m doing better in reading about Zach and you . Tears kept coming as the attempt to read the reports was being made. A friend in Way Cross , Georgia was informed . Whenever she is in the Brighton area she does attend Cornerstone . She has been asking about Zach and you. Recently I did forward some of your reports to her . It was easier than for me to rewrite . Probably your permission should have been asked by me . We are rejoicing with you . Thankful for the courage , wisdom and strength that God is supplying . You are brave . In his love , Ted and Bethly

  2. verna somerville

    When Doctors gave our oldest daughter six months to live at age seven, I learned that indeed GOD is in control. (She was also dignosed with cancer.) It had spread to the lymph nodes which back then was a death sentence. Our Heavenly Father guided us in the decisions we made for her treatment,and today she is enjoying her grandchildren. You both have been so wonderful in the way you have placed God first in this ordeal. You have been an example to every young parent in this city and far beyond. Keeping your eyes on Jesus and His Father has given your testimony such power. Keep on looking up. Many many people are upholding you and Zach in prayer. ( You are raising such nice little girls. I help very often at school and they have impressed me so much. I also love to see Sarah walk into church on Sunday mornings trailed by all of her little ones. ) Verna S.