Official updates for Zach Brown

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God bless you all.





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19 responses to “Official updates for Zach Brown

  1. Our household is praying for you now

  2. Georgia Marshall

    Dear Tim and Sarah May God give you peace of Heart as He takes Zack through this surgery. He will provide a steady hand for the surgons!
    Blessings Georgia Marshall

  3. David Houston

    We are holding Zach up in prayer as well as all of your family.

    Dave and Judy Houston


    Tim & Sara, Continuous prayer is out for the whole family….Bob

  5. Holli Bratt

    God bless you, Brown family! I am in constant prayer throughout this day for Zach, his doctors/surgeons, and your families. May God strengthen and keep you during this time. God is good all the time!

  6. Clarice Rose

    Dear Brown Family, you are in my thoughts and prayers!
    Love in Christ, Clarice

  7. Jen & Jeff

    We are praying!!

  8. Joe & Carol Peterson

    Dear Pastor Brown, Sarah and family,
    I’m sure you feel the presence of hundreds of prayers being offered up for Zachery and for his family this morning. Our God is merciful and gracious . We know that he will bring you peace and comfort in these most difficult hours and in the days ahead.
    May God bless Zachery and his family,
    Joe & Carol

  9. Van & Tiffany Defibaugh

    You have our prayers and support!

  10. Janice and Alexis Stokes and Bill McCann

    We have been praying for Zach and for you Tim and Sarah and the girls. I have asked God to give you the strength and courage to get through all of this!
    Please guide the hands of the surgeon performing this operation. May Gods healing hand be there with them to give these surgeons the wisdom to correct this problem and to remove all of the disease. I truly as this is our Lord Jesus Christ for a miracle too! Thank you Dear Jesus.

  11. Dennis Brennan


  12. Judy Orr

    “Everlasting Arms” came to mind as I prayed for you this morning. May you all be enveloped in His peace, confidently knowing that He has you and precious Zach in His hands. You are covered with our love and prayers.

    “Father, thank you for your everlasting arms holding Tim and Sarah and their entire family right now, for overshadowing them, and giving them strength. May even their little ones who have no way of comprehending this feel loved and comforted. Thank you for holding Zachary in your hands. We pray for the healing touch of Jesus, even as You held the little ones in Your arms and restored them to health and to life.
    We pray in your Precious name, Amen.”

  13. Sarah Creem

    Praying for you Zach and the whole Brown family.

  14. Bill and Donna Neathamer

    Tim and Sarah, we have been in prayer for you and little Zach. We join with you in the knowledge that God has indeed ordained this event and will lead you through victoriously. It is our prayer that God will continue to grant peace in this trial, patience to endure and great joy for where he is leading you and your family. We love you and will continue to hold you up in prayer in the days to come.

  15. Patty Brouillet

    I am from Oak Pointe Church and your precious son was brought up in our prayer room this past Sunday. We are standing with you that this will not slow him down one bit in his pursue for life and God. 🙂 what a miracle story so far. praise be to God.

  16. cindi jackson

    How beautiful to hear the answered prayer….the Lord is present in Zac’s every moment and enveloped in the loving arms of a Saviour who loves Him more,….it was beautiful praying at Fellowship Sunday as a dear lady interrupted the end of the service and said “wait a minute …we are not done,..the Lord has asked we pray together as a church body here for little Zac and the entire Brown Family”…we did..and left in tears and hope for you for the surgery .. know many many many are praying for your precious bundle of love, and in this…we all love more….God Bless you every day and your family….

  17. Janine Fruehan

    Pastor Tim & Sarah, A blanket of prayers is covering Zach and your entire family during this challenging time. We know not why, but trust that God’s will be accomplished. May He give peace and comfort to you and the little girls at home who are concerned about their baby brother. May His healing hand be upon this child of God … and we will give Him this praise.

  18. Joshua Berkovitz & Deborah Livneh

    Our prayers to HASHEN for all of you.
    We love you and so is GOD.