Zach’s surgery Monday

Zach’s surgery is scheduled for Monday 5/23 at 9:30 am. We’re thankful for the help of getting thru to 7 specialists in the span of 4 days.

Thanks for your ongoing prayers.





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4 responses to “Zach’s surgery Monday

  1. Nicole Bittner

    My thoughts and prayers are with baby Zach and your entire family.


  2. Doreen Klopshinske

    We are praying for Zach and your family. My first son had an eye problem before he was 2 and had to have his eye removed. If you would like to talk sometime in the future just let me know.

  3. Lynda and Jim Champion

    We are praying for Zach and your entire family,both immediate and extended ,that we may all continue to ask for wisdom and guidance for all those who are in charge of Zach’s care. And ,may we all know that we are dependent on our gracious Lord for this guidance.
    As I was asking for prayers at 9 this a.m. in my water aerobics I was informed by a friend who attends St. Mary’s in Milford that they prayed yesterday for Zach’s surgery today. Wow, how great is our GOD.
    Our love and prayers are with you all. I am sure you are able to feel our hugs and our love.
    We look forward to your updates and t.y. for your continuing care.
    Lynda and Jim Champion

  4. Theodore Crossman

    Dear Pastor Tim ,Sarah and Family, We have been praying for you , Zach and his Doctors . Thank you for the reports . May God continue to give courage , strength and wisdom . Blessings on each of you. In Him , Ted and Bethly Crossman