Devotions for Families in December

This December I wrote a Christmas time devotional for households for the church I serve, Cornerstone EPC in Brighton, MI called Devotions in December.  It has 11 devotions to be used during advent, the four weeks leading up to Christmas.

I’d love to share with you.  Just click the photo above or here to visit Cornerstone’s site where it’s available as a PDF.


God bless and merry Christmas!




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2 responses to “Devotions for Families in December

  1. Diane Weber

    On behalf of my family and I, I’d like to say thank you for this book. We had a great discussion with our two sons today on the humility Jesus took upon himself when He came to earth. Our prayer time afterwards was wonderful as well–praise to God when we hear the beginnings of maturity in our children as they talk to their Lord and Savior!! With all the wonderful colors, sounds, smells and trappings of modern Christmas, this book brings us back to the heart of God’s gift to each of us!



    Oh yeah, the 10 Commandments bear witness to that fact in the very giving of the keeping of the Sabbath Day, which has been rescinded by Christ for the “gentile” elect (though of course it is still very beneficial to do this, but we are to be “In Christ” every moment of our lives now, as God sees us;
    Colossians 2:16
    Therefore do not let anyone judge you by what you eat or drink, or with regard to a religious festival, a New Moon celebration or a Sabbath day.

    Keeping or not keeping these things outwardly does not save, nor ever did for the elect. We are told to let the peace of Christ rule in our hearts. That is a constant thing to struggle and strive for, albeit! But, as Hebrews talks about the Sabbath Days rest, so we are to strive to enter the rest, that is to keep striving to stay in what I said before. That is all that saves, and is saving knowledge. Those who failed to enter that rest, as Hebrews talks about, who died off in the wilderness after God through Moses freed them, were ones whom God never ordained to be saved (He swore in His wrath, before the foundation of the world that they should not inherit the promised land). The physical land of Israel in the Old Testament is now our
    inheritance in Christ and in Heaven to come (actually, we are already there in “position” is Paul says we are “raised up in the heavenlies,” and we, the elect, were seen and are seen as that always any ways. Those people who did not enter the promised land, it can surely be said, about “God swearing in His wrath that they should not enter…,” is the same He is talking about those made for vessels of wrath and destruction, and this also done before God created, by His Own Sovereign Eternal and Internal Counsel alone.
    This knowledge is surely a part of the “rest” we are to strive at keeping, and
    Christ makes sure His elect do!