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Zach Update #12 — Zach’s new eye

This week we finally got it–Zach’s new eye!

On Wednesday Sarah and I went together to Greg Dootz’s office at the Kellogg eye center in Ann Arbor.  All I can say is WOW!  I’m amazed at how real it looks.  There were two special moments: The first moment was seeing the eye itself in Greg’s hand.  It was the work of many hours of fitting, design and craftsmanship.  By just looking at the eye alone, it was obvious that this new eye looked just like Zach’s other eye.  Zach’s prosthetic is so well done, it’s remarkable.

The prosthetic eye is a convex fitting that inserts on top of the replacement eyeball (orbital implant) and under his eye lids.  It has a certain range of motion–moving with the motion of the implant.  Here’s what it looked like in Greg Dootz’s hand.

Secondly, seeing Zach’s beautiful face restored to completion and balance was a sight to behold.  For the past 3 months we’ve enjoyed his smile and everything with just one eye, but it was sometimes awkward in public and just plain hard knowing that such a beautiful part of his body was missing.  Seeing Zach’s face now restored was an awesome moment.  And now you get to see him too.  By the way, can you tell which eye is the prosthetic?  Bet you can’t!  It’s hard to tell in person as well.

We’ll add some more reflections in the days to come, but we just wanted you to see the answer to your prayers for our son, Zach.  He’s cancer free and both of his exams under anesthesia have revealed no cancer in the seeing eye.  And now his face looks complete again.

It’s such a joy to see his whole face again.  Looking forward to seeing you in person…


Tim, Sarah and Zach

PS.  If you look on the wall behind us, you can see photos of other patients of Greg’s.  Soon Zach will join the wall of fame!



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