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Family Ministry in the Modern Church

This past weekend I attended the Semper Reformanda Conference with my wife Sarah and our youth pastor, Brady.

It was a very enlightening weekend considering the recent models of family ministry within the contemporary church.  Dr. Timothy Paul Jones, associate Professor at SBTS, keynoted with his  expertise on models of family ministry.  He was the guest of the two other keynoters, Rev. Voddie Bauchham and Rev. Paul Renfro (Pastors of Grace Family Baptist Church).

Dr. Jones contributed by reviewing the history of our culture sociologically (how we got to age-segregated school, culture and church) as well as the models of current family ministry (Family Based, Family Equipping, and Family Integrated).perspectives-on-family-ministry

As practitioners of the Family Integrated Model, Rev. Baucham and Rev. Renfro gave us a steady diet of the merits of the Family Integrated Model (as well as dispelling the myths).

So what is the current state of family ministry in the church?  It’s gone beyond one program among many in a church to a whole new way of looking at church.

If you are interested in learning more about Family Ministries in the modern church, here are a few helpful links.

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