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The Busy Church

It has been a while since I have posted on my blog, but I read this from Ken Priddy today. I think it is very challenging. I’ll be back to the blogging thing soon, with lots of thoughts and updates, but for now, check this out.


Over the years I have learned that one of the biggest obstacles to Great Commission ministry is church work  – church busy work. Many Christians and their leaders are so busy filling slots in the church’s programming and structure that they can’t find the time to do the REAL work of ministry – reaching the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The vast majority of American evangelical churches is in plateau or decline. Characteristically, the church in plateau is over-programmed and the church in decline is over-structured. Churches in plateau tend to be driven by their programming, believing that whatever success or effectiveness they are experiencing is the result of the menu of programs that is offered. Careful observation will reveal that any growth that such a church might be experiencing is transfer growth, not conversion growth, as Christians leave churches with less appealing programming to attend theirs. The kingdom…

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A Tale of Two Sugeries

This week both my mom and I are having surgery.

My surgery is for my right thumb which I injured waterskiing. I managed to get an avulsion fracture where the ligament must be reattached to the bone. Ouch! I’m thankful to have a good surgeon for today’s operation.

On Friday my mom is having heart surgery on her aorta. You can follow her posts at

Thanks for your prayers.



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Settling in for the evening


Thanks to Donna Alberta for visiting us as we settled in to our room. Zach’s out of recovery and resting peacefully. Some pain still. Sleep in heavenly peace.


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Grace that teaches righteousness

A friend of mine in ministry, P. Andrew Sandlin, recently wrote a noteworthy entry on his blog. He clarifies the point that must be repeated in every generation.  Namely, that God’s wonderful grace does not grant license to antinomianism, but calls us to joyful, faithful obedience. You can read it for yourself at this link.

Grace and peace!


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My family is on a virtual tour of Europe!!!

Tonight we began a very cool quest.  We joined the Vision Forum Faith and Freedom Tour of Western Civilization.  Doug Philips and three other associates are doing a daily video blog which users can subscribe to.  Our family gathered around our computer tonight to learn about Roman Gladiators, Circus Maximus, and how Christianity eventually won the day in Rome.

If you’d like to check out a preview video, check this one.

The cost is $60 for two weeks of videos but also includes a full lecture mp3 of all that was done each day (mailed later.)

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Join the Journey to Jerusalem

This week, the congregation I serve is beginning a day by day reading of the gospel of Mark.  It’s called Journey to Jerusalem. 


You can join us by subscribing to a daily email which included the text of the day and Questions for Reflection.

Sign up or learn more by going to this page.

God bless you this Lenten Season!


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all three weeks now posted!

For those of you who have been following my class.  All three weeks are posted.

Click here.

If you’d like to get a free copy of the book I distributed.  Leave a comment with how I can reach you.

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