12 Days of Emmanuel (Day 1)

12 years ago my wife and I did something kind of crazy, but really fun! After Sarah performed a Christmas concert for a small local church, I urged her to record this simple album–mostly just piano and vocals. Sarah laid down 12 tracks (and added two previous tracks) in about 3 days at a Studio A recording studio. It was a mini-marathon of music!

Then we got even crazier! We gave away 800 digital copies of the album, Emmanuel–for free! Back when this was released, CD’s were really common, and online music was just beginning to surge, so we used Facebook, Noisetrade, and yes, even mySpace!

In honor of the 12 year anniversary of the release of Emmanuel, we are giving you the Twelve Days of Emmanuel. In each daily post I will share a little something about one song (now through December 26).

So, in this season where we are so busy, here’s your invitation stop, listen and repeat.

Day one is “Good Christian Men Rejoice!” (Spotify). The tune is officially called, IN DULCI JUBILO, a folk song with a lively spirit.

Why should we rejoice? This song gives us some of reasons: we hear of endless bliss, no longer fearing the grave, and more. What parts of the gospel do you hear?

Here’s where you can find the whole album.

Rejoice, for God has come. He is Emmanuel!



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