12 Days of Emmanuel (Day 6)

Bring A Torch Jeanette Isabella” is a French song from the Provence region. It is modeled around the imagination of a mother speaking to her child, pretending that the manger scene in the public square is the actual place.

Some have said the song is meant to imagine that two young milkmaids (Jeanette and Isabella) have been asked to bring a torch to the original manger scene. Either way, it is fun playful and meant to imagine what it would be like if you get to see Jesus for yourself. My mentor, Robert J. Morgan delivered a sermon in 2003 based on this song.

So enjoy the song and imagine that you we privilege to come see Jesus when he was born. How would you act?

  • Bring a torch and gaze quietly
  • Let Jesus sleep, “don’t talk so loud”
  • Invite all the good folk of the village
  • See how he smiles in his sleep!

Are you coming to see Him? What does that look like for you this Christmas? Who will you tell?

Here’s where you can find the whole album, Emmanuel.


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