A Tale of Two Sugeries

This week both my mom and I are having surgery.

My surgery is for my right thumb which I injured waterskiing. I managed to get an avulsion fracture where the ligament must be reattached to the bone. Ouch! I’m thankful to have a good surgeon for today’s operation.

On Friday my mom is having heart surgery on her aorta. You can follow her posts at daveandmarsha.wordpress.com.

Thanks for your prayers.




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10 responses to “A Tale of Two Sugeries

  1. Georgia Marshall

    Our Prayers will be with You and your Mom Tim, God is the Great physician!

  2. M. Sobetsky

    Dear Pastor Tim:

    Of course I am praying for you and your Mom’s surgeries…. You might like to treat yourself to some ice cream after your surgery, for being brave J Maybe it will be a while before you can type your blog and etc until your thumb heals. I will be praying for your Mom too. What a saavy Mom to have a blog! I guess I’m out of the loop a bit with technology, but I do what I can. Do you think it is safer to communicate and share with people on a blog (no viruses, etc) than by email? Humm…. That would be a good reason to have a blog.

    God bless you, dear Pastor. I still remember your sermon on the Holy Spirit… I got a CD copy of it. The Lord is having me revisit this important doctrine, He in me, I in Him….abiding. To by faith, just like we received Him… to by faith abide in Him also. I am reading Andrew Murray’s “Abide in Christ” book and I find it breathtaking, how good and faithful is the Lord to us/me!

  3. Nancy Lawton

    I had never heard of an avulsion fracture until I got one myself to my right ankle as I stepped out of my VW in Richard and Donna’s driveway 4 years ago. I did not see the culvert next to the drive. Yours sounds like much more fun…waterskiing. Hope the surgery and recovery goes well. Will be praying for you and your mom.
    Still up at Torch Lake most of the time but will begin going back and forth to Brighton soon.
    Nancy Lawton

  4. Irene G.

    Oh no! Do take special care Tim! And thank you so much for redirecting everyone to your mom’s blog. Special prayers to both! irene G. from Lib.

  5. Robin

    Keeping you in prayer for no complications and a full complete recovery. Busy family week…Cousin Lauri Paulitz had gall bladder surgery as well. Natashya in labor as I write. I get another body scan this Friday to see if all thyroid cancer is gone. Guess our family needs a lot of prayer right now. Praising God that we can trust his wisdom and judgment for our good in all things.

    Love , Mom (Robin)

  6. Todd Nado

    You and yours are in my prayers, as usual! And yes, we do thank God for the means of a good surgeon!

  7. Tim,

    How are you healing?


    • revtimbrown

      Very well, thanks.
      4 weeks of cast, 2 weeks of brace (though I only wore it some of the time) and now today I began Occupational Therapy for it. Never imagined how involved this “simple” accident would be. The goal now is to restore range of motion.
      Grace and peace,