Settling in for the evening


Thanks to Donna Alberta for visiting us as we settled in to our room. Zach’s out of recovery and resting peacefully. Some pain still. Sleep in heavenly peace.



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8 responses to “Settling in for the evening

  1. Janice and Alexis Stokes and Bill McCann

    So great to see a picture of Donna Alberta holding Baby Zach. Donna truly will bring comfort to the Brown family. We love you Donna and thank you for being there for the Wonderful Brown Family! We are so happy the operation was a success. Thank you Dear Lord Jesus.

  2. Bob Hitchens

    Dear Tim & Sara,
    Those who have never had children cannot possibly understand how difficult it is for a parent to see their child face a serious medical issue. We know that your faith will sustain you and that God’s grace will see you through this. Sue and I continue to pray for Zack and for both of you and the girls. We praise God that the surgery was successful and we pray that all of the tests come back negative. We know that God must have made Zack strong because he knew Zack would be growing up with six older sisters and to do that successfully, he would really need to be strong.

  3. Sue

    I am so sorry Zach had to undergo so much, but I was so happy to hear the surgery went so well and I will continue to pray for healing for Zach and your family. Keep the Faith! God Bless you All.

    Sue Yarosz

  4. Marcia Thompson

    Although you might not know us, we know of you and your precious family. Tim, your parents were dear friends of ours at Ward. We were delighted to hear about the birth of each of your daughters and were especially thrilled when you were blessed with a son. There are no words to adequately describe our love, concern, and heartfelt prayers for you, your daughters, extended family, and mostly for dear Zach. We pray that our Lord will touch his little body and completely heal him and relieve him of discomfort. God bless you with His peace, strength, wisdom, and a great sense of His Divine Presence.
    We will continue to pray.
    Yours in Christ,
    Paul and Marcia Thompson

  5. kim simon

    Dear Tim, thank you for understanding how much we all love you and taking the time during this hard time, to keep us all informed on what is going on. Your family is so dear to so many of us and we will be continuing in prayer. Hugs to you all tonight!

  6. Chris Sendry

    Tim & Sara,

    I’m not good with putting the right words together. I am truly happy to know that little Zack will be ok and recover soon. There is no question that he is God’s hands and has a true calling on his life. It’s a real privilege to know such a beautiful and God loving family. The Brown family is a testament to the wonders of God. God Bless.

  7. Kamille Karlson

    Dear Sarah and Tim,
    When I saw you in the hall Sunday, I couldn’t speak for fear of bursting into tears and being a weeping mess. I may have stuttered “I’m praying for you.” but I’m sorry I was of so little comfort to your family at that moment. I have been and will continue to pray for Zach and the whole family. I know God will work His glorious purposes through all of this. Your blog is inspiring and will reach and teach hundreds, maybe thousands, as many congregants are contacting family and friends to add Zach to prayer lists all over the country. Hmm – God is already using Zach for blessing others with the Truths of Christianity. Lovingly, Kamille

  8. Chris Sendry


    Precious one,
    So small,
    So sweet

    Dancing in
    on angel feet
    Straight from Heaven’s
    brightest star

    What a miracle
    you are!