Fun Family Worship in the Gospel of Luke

Lately, we’ve been reading Luke chapter 1 (okay—long chapter!) as a family.  Here’s a thought about that!

#1.  Funny comment – When Zecharaiah was made mute by the angel because he did not believe Gabriel’s words, my daughter, Eden said, he had a mutiny.

#2.  A fun way I found to talk about the chapter is to compare and contrast the Announcement to Zechariah with the Announcement to Mary.


  • they are both visited by angels
  • they are both surprised and scared
  • they will both have sons (with first names beginning with “J”
  • they both have questions


  • they have a different way of asking about their announcements, “How can I be sure?” vs. “How will this be…?”
  • one boy will be a prophet, the other will be king and savior
  • one announcement was in the temple, the other in a peasant home

If you are sharing family worship with your family and want a great place to read, I recommend Luke.  “Dr. Luke,” as we call him, is a very good story teller who loves people.  Pay attention together to details.

If you’re not presently experiencing the joys of family worship/bible conversations, the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is a natural time to begin.


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