It’s very easy to write to your Representative

I’m grateful to Chris Brady for the following link.

All you need to do to contact your representative is enter your
state/zip and then follow the dialogue box at the US Government webpage.  Here’s the letter I penned to my Representative, Mike Rogers on the eve of the Health Care Reform vote:

Nov. 6

To the Honorable Mike Rogers,

Based on the emails I have received and the videos I’ve watched it sounds like you’re on the side of limited government and oppose our current president’s “health care reform.”

I am opposed to the current health care reform on two grounds.  First, I believe it is a backdoor to enable abortion to be covered as medical care, supported by taxpayers dollars.  I, for one (among many, many citizens), am thoroughly opposed to requiring my taxes be used to murder the most innocent and vulnerable in our culture.

Secondly, and more generally, I believe the health care reform bill is a significant step away from limited government.  Due to the power that God has granted government (to protect citizens from threats within–police, and to protect citizens from threats without–military) through bearing the sword, the force of government must remain limited or it will inevitably be abused.  As Lord Acton so ably put it, “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

I am grateful and hope that you will continue to be a positive force for good for the American People of Michigan whom you so able represent.


Rev. Timothy A. Brown

Lastly, here’s the main link to the House of Representatives:


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  1. Great posting – I will be sharing the link to reach our representatives with my readers. Keep up the good work. Steven Joseph